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We are innovative high-tech IT technology house and IT accelerator based in Krakow, Poland.

We are active on a number of information technology fields, building competences that help our customers develop the best systems, solve their IT problems and fulfill their business needs.

We focus primarily on development of multiplatform server, web and native mobile applications in a number of advanced Open Source technologies. We build custom-made systems.

We use modern tools and well established SCRUM-based methods of software production.

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Our offer

Synaway focuses on following three areas of expertise:

  • Mobile technologies
  • Scalable server systems and web aplications
  • Data search, processing and visualization

We do not focus on any particular vertical market – we rather develop production excellence and look for technical synergies. However, we are sensitive for opportunities and if a product has a chance to live in its own, we consider transforming it into a separate spin-off company.

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Recent projects

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icon.png - Poker Finder

Award winning application (French Poker Awards 2011) used by thousands of poker players in France and around the world.This unique application allows to find instantly all the best information about most up-to-date events, poker rooms and tournaments. Provides ergonomic design, effective search engine, geolocalization. Built-in Poker Stats function allows to discover in few seconds probability of winning or losing the play. Favourites function, Facebook integration or news section are interesting and very useful supplement.


  • Native iOS and Android versions with effective server solution
  • Simple ergonomic multiplatform design
  • Access to the huge database of PokerRooms, Tournaments, Events
  • Advanced and detailed search mechanism
  • Push notification (in iOS version)
  • Facebook integration
  • News function basing on RSS channels providing the most up-to-date information from poker world
  • Statistics function party piece - discover probability of winning each hand by inputting known cards of the table
  • GPS positioning in reference to the nearest poker points of interest
  • Very effective data synchronisation mechanism
  • In-app advertisement

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